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There is balance to be created through the use of color, brilliance and textures in my designs, which requires close attention to detail and patience.  I create using a wide range of mediums (paints, metal wires, fabrics, wood, nails, thread, glass, recycled paper) and focus on sourcing materials sustainably.  The overall process may take 3  days or 3 months.


The lines used frequently in my work represent diverse life experiences and an overall appreciation for the big picture, or divine order.   As I paint, adhere, sew, draw or pour each line, I meditate on this concept; present to the moment of creation and also anticipating the result. 

Prior to completing the work, I write a short essay in English, Spanish or both, that reveals insights from these meditations.  See readings.  In some cases, an essay is collaged and becomes a part of the artwork.

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Soundwave:  "Cuando la realidad es major de lo que uno se puede imaginar / When reality is beyond what we could ever imagine."