Share your Story & Let's Make Art

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

It's no secret that everyone faces challenges. Acceptance is a big part of self-care, so instead of hiding challenges from ourselves and others, let's celebrate how they shape us into better people, with art! Golden Transit collection pieces help express the story of those who have persevered through trying times and know they are stronger as a result.

- Dark lines represent progress and challenge in the midst of a transition.  The lines are broken or stop short, signifying the impact of a life change.

- Gold flecks represent growth after every challenge faced.  This gold detail is intended to be the most eye catching aspect of the painting, signifying the beauty in growth.

- The solid gold line represents acceptance or fulfillment.

- A personalized detail and quote can be added to personalize your art (whatever is meaningful for you; see example below)

What makes you shine? What makes you a boss? What gives you the confidence to go after it each day?

Share some of your story, and let's make ART of it!

1.) Submit your story to this blog (optional).

2.) Submit your order using the Custom Requests link, or contact me directly at to schedule a call and get pricing.

3.) From the date your order is confirmed, wait 7 to 14 days with great anticipation for your final piece to be shipped.

4.) Receive your one of a kind art and share on social media.