narratives transformed

Escarpeta Artistry wis an abstract contemporary art platform from which a story about life challenges, the process of growth and living abundantly can be shared. 


The works below are intended to transform the traditional written narrative of empowerment into 3-dimensional artwork.


  • Squares with figures represent opportunities we have to create new realities for ourselves.

  • Crossword style design throughout background.

  • Mediums: Rice paper, acrylic, clay, fabric, gesso, resin

"Sigue Adelante"

  • Sigue adelante - keep going, even when you feel broken.

  • Mediums:  rice paper, clay, ink, fabric, heavy gesso, acrylic, fabric

"Invasive Species"

  • Uses four ecology definitions of "invasive species” and applies them to a social ecosystem concept.  A reminder that we are all connected. Definitions on 4 edges of the canvas.


  • Interconnected figures represent the complexity of social connections.

  • Scattered words describe social themes.

  • Mediums:  rice paper, clay, ink, heavy gesso, acrylic, fabric

"Unchartered Territory"

  • Grid lines represent unchartered territory of a new endeavor.

  • Cracked detail represents challenging times in unchartered territory. Up close, it is the most eye catching detail, and it is framed to signify importance.


  • Clear resin represents clarity — the ability to see that these challenging times are imperative for our evolution.


  • Deep red cracks without resin represent the struggle and pain we experience when we don’t have the clarity needed to respect the process.

  • Mediums:  rice paper, clay, crackle medium, acrylic, copper leaf

"the take off"

  • Sequential lines represent setting a foundation for life goals, "laying a brick each day"

  • Different textures in the background represent the changing environments around us as we continue to lay those bricks and create a solid foundation.

  • Elevated lines represent the compound effect of working consistently toward a goal.

  • Mediums:  rice paper, clay, acrylic