Sebi_ My light is my protectionJ. Escarpeta
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My son Sebastian's voice:  


“My light is my protection.  Mi luz es mi proteccion.”


I write this for you just as much as I write this for myself.  


I waited many months to complete this artwork.  It wasn’t until I confirmed my departure from corporate America and decided to take a leap that I was ready to complete it.  Beautiful how time warped how I thought this story would end.  The impact of the COVID pandemic in my life.  The impact of social injustice in my life.  Vortexes and high places.  The impact of deciding to LIVE MY BEST LIFE!


I chose to use my son’s voice because I want him to always remember his light.


My light is my protection. Mi luz es mi proteccion.


SO LET’S GET INTO IT.  As a mother I want to do whatever I can to protect my child.  I know that this universe has its plans for him, so I teach my son about mindset.  That he can choose to stand in his truth and thrive by doing so!


Pull from your ancestral well, my love!  Be free, my love!


I am pretty sure my son saved my life just by being him, so I want him to stand in his truth firmly, as much as divinely possible.  


I am always grateful for him being so imaginative and loving – it reminds me that anything is possible.


In adolescence and adulthood, mindsets may shift, introducing doubt of self, doubt of creativity.  This dismissal of imagination and introduction of limitation is one of the biggest tragedies in our world – like the extinction of a particular life.  I grieve it every day when we trap ourselves in rooms for money.  I grieve it when parents tell their kids they should rely on corporations to make a good living.


YOU ARE YOUR BEST BET.  Honor your ancestral voice inside of you.  LISTEN to your ancestral flow and believe that you are the best bet.  This is your light that shines like the sun.  Only those who shine just as bright can come close to you (the real you) -- they aren’t afraid of the heat.  


Imagine a world where we feel empowered to NOT give our children a script of survival in a colonized land.  


I am fed up of the mindset where naming a 1,000 year old tree after a President is a source of pride.  


It makes me cringe to think about stone being blasted out of rock masses to carve out faces!


But all things that happen are divinely orchestrated and there is a place for them.  The ying and the yang as my dad may say.


Imagine we nurture our children in a way that gives way for their individual light to shine – the alkaline way.  They enter an education system that is not built on colonizer’s values that have been rinsed off and repeated, again and again.  I want this for my baby.  I don’t want him to wait to live free.  



In 2006 I entered corporate America from college as an associate product manager.  I thought, “WOW, I am DOING it!”  “At the top of my game!” “Winning!” And I was soooo overjoyed by my $55,000 / year salary and monthly stipend toward overpriced North Jersey housing.


Yet, I was constantly uninterested to sit at my desk and work. In fact, I would make it a point to sachet down by the cafeteria every day to catch the attention of the black and brown manufacturer workers.  Sometimes I would go shopping.

My truth screaming at me.  Go… go… but I didn’t see it as such then… No. Instead I got quiet and down on myself for not performing like a superstar employee, when I knew I was powerful.  That job ended with tears in a vice president’s office.


Reflecting back, I was always distracted at work in corporate America.  At least once a week I was fixated on doing something that had nothing to do with work.  If I couldn’t get away, I would write short stories at my desk for a mental escape.  Bored. Unfulfilled.  


But I made it work and remained “Happily Colonized” for years.


The moral of the story is.  Lean into your brilliance.  Trust it.  You are protected.