In the collection


a creative energy around how we experience sound is activated.  Sound waves of affirmations are captured from a high place and then mapped onto canvas.  


How often are our voices are made small to diminish a truth?  This collection is about reversing oppression and instead being heard AND seen unapologetically, with explicit truth and creativity. 


The lines in my work, represented in various colors, textures represent diverse life experiences and an overall appreciation for the beauty of the bigger picture, or divine order. 


I create using a wide range of mediums (paints, metal wires, fabrics, wood, nails, thread, glass, recycled paper) and focus on sourcing materials sustainably.  


As I paint, adhere, sew, draw or pour each line, I meditate on the affirmation at hand.  Like a needle, my mind travels back and forth from the present moment of creation to the vision, “weaving” the final result.


Each work is accompanied by a short essay in English, Spanish or both, that reveals insights from these meditations, and may be adhered and sewn to the work.

“Everything around us is a vibration and has its own frequency.  Of what humans are able to ascertain from this divine science, I explore and celebrate in my artistry.”