Escarpeta Artistry was founded in 2018 to promote healing arts in the community.  Read more to learn about the artist!

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My Story

I am an 80's baby raised by worldly parents who are big on education and community.  My exposure to the arts started at a very young age -- my dad, a gifted photographer and printer; my mom, an amazing cook, storyteller, home designer and entertainer.  I was surrounded by the arts and people regularly, so naturally, I gravitated to creativity and the design of experiences.

When the time came for me to graduate high school, I knew I wanted to be an artist.  I was quickly told that the arts was not an area to make money, and that a degree in international business and marketing should help satisfy my thirst for creativity.  As a medical device marketer, I traveled the world, made incredible connections and developed over 30 medical healing devices in 15 years.  My calling to create healing devices never left me, but I knew I was called to design a different kind of healing device through art.


In June 2021, at 37 years old, I finally made the leap and left corporate America. Thanks to the gift of support from my family, mentors and friends, when I leaped, I landed on fertile soil in Seattle, Washington.  Since then,I wake up everyday embodying a freedom we all have to create.  I made an oath to build abundance in my life and other's through servicing our community in healing arts.

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